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The New Standard of Learning

We have gone from the creation of the internet to applications of artificial intelligence in under 30 years. Majority of careers are now under a looming threat of replacement through machine learning and automation. By the day we see a devaluation of human labor as technology continues to become more efficient and smarter.

There is a need to learn new skills. Skills that are inherently human.

Itera Institute explores new literacies that will put humans at the forefront of progress and development.

Welcome to the autonomous era

The ITERA INSTITUTE is a community-based credentials platform that allows individuals and organizations to build learning programs across industries.

Itera is the company behind transformative programs such as the:

Acceleration Program

34,800 + VAT

An introductory course on digital marketing that covers the fundamentals of digital.

In-depth and intensive tracks that are focused in specific areas of competence.

41,800 + VAT

Specialist Track

Marketing 360

A three week course on creating a consumer-focused marketing 360 plan.

18,000 + VAT

Full certification course that integrates all learnings to an innovative plan of action.

115,000 + VAT

Full Program


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